Mothers' Union Prisons Sharing Day

On 12th November members of Mothers’ Union from across the UK and Ireland met with the Action & Outreach staff to share their experiences of working in prisons and supporting prisoner’s families. It was also an opportunity to pray using inspiration from prayers for Prison Week. Jane Newsome, prison chaplain joined them as well as visitors from Prison Fellowship who used the opportunity to promote Angel Tree. Angel Tree is a project that Mothers’ Union sometimes works in partnership with to help the children of prisoners receive a gift at Christmas time.  

Members and staff discovered that Mothers’ Union is incredibly active within the prison volunteering community getting involved with numerous incentives and all within an atmosphere of budgets under strain in the prison system. 

Just some of the work our members shared that they have been involved in were;

  • Mothers’ Union “Chat and Coffee” for excluded prisoners
  • Godly play to enhance interpretation of Bible stories 
  • Facilitating crèches / play areas for children so that young children feel comfortable in the setting of a prison and also allows parents to converse without interurruption during the visits  
  • Provision of selection boxes for children of prisoners
  • Volunteering at visitor centres 
  • Development of a “Family Life Matters” course for families of offenders. read more here

The opportunity to meet and share together for this day proved to be a very thought provoking experience for both members and staff who left full of ideas on how to develop and expand the important work that Mothers’ Union is carrying out throughout prisons in both the UK and Ireland.