Mothers' Union Virtual Baby Day

In March 2015 we are offering the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Baby training day led by Community Development Coordinator Joanne Triffitt (Mothers’ Union Salisbury) in the provinces of York and Canterbury.  


Aim of the Project:

In October 2011 Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Salisbury got involved in the Virtual Baby Project. Since then trained volunteer teams have been working in nine schools across Wiltshire and Dorset and have reached over 300 young people.  The primary aim of the Project is to help young people (ideally aged between 13 and 16) to learn about caring for a baby and understand the demands of parenting so that they are better equipped to make informed choices as they journey through ‘teenage-hood’ into ‘adulthood’.  The secondary aim is to develop and strengthen links between our parishes and schools; building community and creating further opportunities for mutual support.


Information & Training session:

The session will give you the opportunity to find out more about how the project works and what it means to run the project or an adaptation of one in your Diocese. This project has really put Mothers’ Union on the map across the Diocese of Salisbury and has been a great channel to open up conversation, develop links and build relationships and created opportunities for community.  We are learning all the time and want to share with you our experience and support you in setting up a similar project. 


If you want to find out more about the programme of the day and how to get involved please contact