Mothers' Union welcomes the new Sustainable Development Goals

Mothers' Union welcomes the adoption of the post-2015 development agenda at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit this weekend. Tackling poverty is pivotal to furthering human development and we believe the 17 global goals will go some way in improving the lives of ordinary people, through tackling underlying causes such as inequalities, and the results such as hunger and poor health.

To fulfil this vision of a genuinely global agenda, all governments will need to work hard to achieve the 169 indicators of success and to hold themselves accountable to their citizens, as well as to the international community. The challenge for humanity is to take responsibility for the impact of development on the planet and its people, especially on the poorest; and for a new approach towards sharing more equally the earth and its resources. 

Mothers' Union is concerned that this agenda does not truly challenge the global economic status quo; and is particularly disappointed that goal 5 on achieving gender equality and women's empowerment does not push harder on women's economic rights. Mothers’ Union Chief Executive, Beverly Jullien said: “Mothers’ Union has already been working to achieve a number of these goals, through programmes such as our Literacy and Financial Education Programme. We know that women's access to economic resources, land, property and inheritance is a key driver for women and their communities to flourish and achieve sustainable development; but unless governments commit to creating an enabling environment these global goals will not be met.”