Provincial Presidents meet in the UK

The international leaders of Mothers’ Union, from across the Anglican Communion, met last week in the United Kingdom under the theme of “A Goal to Celebrate”.

These ‘Provincial Presidents’, representing 26 of the 34 Provinces, signed a declaration which will guide the outreach of over 4 million members worldwide. This guidance will encourage Mothers’ Union members not just to offer practical assistance but to bring support in developing work which equips individuals, families and communities to discover the gifts, skills and knowledge they need to best meet their personal circumstances. By signing a shared statement the presidents rededicated the organisation to its Vision to help society at all levels enjoy loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. 

Speaking at the meeting, Worldwide President Lynne Tembey said “We want to enable our members not only to bring practical support – which they do so well in such varied and difficult situations around the world – but also to encourage the collaboration of our collective skills to nurture reconciliation, good communication and strong relationships. In this way we can truly reflect our unique mission and also show how a shared commitment to prayer can be a part of bringing about the relational world we believe God wants everyone to enjoy.”

The Provincial Presidents of Mothers’ Union represent the members of over 80 countries of the world.  With this meeting taking place only once every three years, the presidents also committed to continue to challenge the mechanisms and behaviours within society which perpetuate social injustice.

 The statement from the conference can be found here