Pray & Worship

Prayer and worship is vital to all that we do

Mothers’ Union sees prayer and worship as vital to all that we do. We are always encouraged when people join us in praying for our work. Prayer can make huge differences to lives both on an individual and community basis.

We believe that all our work should be supported by prayer and are eager to share more widely the resources which help us to strengthen our relationship with God.

We have many prayer and worship resources to help individuals, groups and churches to get involved in the prayer life of Mothers’ Union.  Our worship resources, including Church Services, can be found here. 

Wave of Prayer

Everyday members pray at midday for the work of Mothers' Union across the globe, using prayers that reflect our work, values and faith. During midday prayers the Wave of Prayer is used, these are prayers based on a six-monthly calendar that ensure all members of Mothers' Union across the world are prayed for throughout the year. The prayers can be used as an aid to personal prayer or as part of a corporate time of worship. We hope that you will join us in the Wave of Prayer to support the work of Mothers' Union. 

Seasonal prayers

We produce seasonal prayers and worship resources throughout the year as well as topical prayers, which reflect our values and ongoing campaigns and activities.

Mothers’ Union prayers

We have specific prayers and service outlines that directly relate to Mothers’ Union members and groups. Whilst these are useful in the context of our own meetings and worship, they do serve to highlight further our values and work.