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Midday Prayers & Wave of Prayer

January 2019 Midday Prayers


Everyday we pray for Mothers’ Union through our Midday Prayers. You can download our current prayers here:

December Midday Prayers

January 2019 Midday Prayers

Wave of Prayer 

Our "Wave of Prayer" is a continuous expression of our commitment in prayer to each other. It runs throughout the year so that the work and members of each and every area in which Mothers' Union is active is prayed for at some point. We include this in our Midday Prayers.  You can see which areas we are praying for this month below. 

December Wave of Prayer 

Lord we pray for the future of Mothers’ Union worldwide. Today we pray for the people and work of: 



Wave of Prayer
1-2 Mpumalanga in South Africa; Central Buganda in Uganda;Zonkwa in Nigeria; Bo in Sierra Leone; Newcastle in England and        
Barrackpore in India
3-5 Akot in South Sudan; South West Tanganyika in Tanzania;Aba & Irele-Ese Odo in Nigeria; Coventry in England and Cuttack in India
6 Mothers' Union worldwide


Namibia; Mount Kenya South in Kenya; Northern Izon & Ijebu North in Nigeria and Durham in England
10-12 Lusaka in Zambia; Shyogwe in Rwanda; Sokoto & Ikka in Nigeria;Ely in England and Karimnagar in India
13 Mothers' Union worldwide

Fianarantsoa in Madagascar; Central Tanganyika in Tanzania; Calabar & Igbomina in Nigeria; Derry & Raphoe in All Ireland and Banks & Torres in Vanuatu


Lui in South Sudan; Embu in Kenya; Orlu & Awori in Nigeria;The Murray in Australia and Medak in India


Mothers’ Union worldwide


Archbishops, Bishops and all clergy in the Anglican Communion

24-26 Refugees, internally displaced families and those living in a climate of fear
27 Mothers’ Union worldwide

All involved with the responsibility of caring for and supporting family life

31 Mothers’ Union worldwide