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Midday Prayers & Wave of Prayer

2020 Midday Prayers


Everyday we pray for Mothers’ Union through our Midday Prayers. You can download our current prayers here

January 2020 Midday Prayers

February 2020 Midday Prayers


Wave of Prayer 

Our "Wave of Prayer" is a continuous expression of our commitment in prayer to each other. It runs throughout the year so that the work and members of each and every area in which Mothers' Union is active is prayed for at some point. We include this in our Midday Prayers.  You can see which areas we are praying for this month below. 

January Wave of Prayer 

Lord we pray for the future of Mothers’ Union worldwide. Today we pray for the people and work of: 



Wave of Prayer
1-3 All Mothers’ Union trustees and staff throughout the world
4 Mothers’ Union worldwide


Swaziland; Ruaha in Tanzania; Aguata & Lagos Mainland in Nigeria;Norwich in England and Chotanagpur in India



Lesotho; Kibungo in Rwanda; Etche & Ogbomoso in Nigeria; Leeds in England and Hanuato in Solomon Islands


Mothers’ Union worldwide

12-14 Mauritius; Kericho in Kenya; Katsina in Nigeria; Kumasi in Ghana; Winchester in England and Nandyal in India
15-17 Seychelles; Bukedi in Uganda; Enugu in Nigeria; Birmingham in England and Marathwada in India
18 Mothers’ Union worldwide


St Mark the Evangelist in South Africa; Butare in Rwanda; Okigwe-South in Nigeria; Gambia; British Columbia in Canada and Rajasthan in India



Egypt; Gasabo in Rwanda; Otukpo & On the Coast in Nigeria; Bathurst in Australia and Nasik in India

Mothers’ Union worldwide


False Bay in South Africa; Shinyanga in Tanzania; Umuahia & Ijebu South West in Nigeria; Bath & Wells in England and Vellore in India

29-31 Masvingo in Zimbabwe; Kibondo in Tanzania; Nebbi in Uganda; Bida in Nigeria; Llandaff in Wales and Kanyakumari in India