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General Faith resources

A selection of seasonal prayers and faith activities

Advent & Christmas Prayers

A selection of prayers for the season of Advent and Christmas

Advent Reflective Prayer activity 1

An opportunity to reflect on the message of Advent, focussing on planting seeds, growth and the bringing forth of fruit

Advent Reflective Prayer Activity 2

Prayers and reflections on the Glory of Advent and the coming of the Messiah

Lent & Holy Week reflections

Reflections for Lent and Holy Week focussing on the words from the cross

Lent Reflective Prayer activity

These Bible reflections focussing on the sanctuary of the wilderness may be used for a Quiet Day 

Harvest Prayers & Reflections

Worship material to use in group worship during the Harvest season

Bible Study on Prayer

A Bible study on passages from St Luke's gospel to encourage persistence in prayer

Lent reflection: The Suffering Servant

Reflections for Lent focussing on Christ, the suffering servant

Lent reflection: Psalms for Lent

Reflections for Lent based on the Psalms