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Praying with Purpose

A variety of resources to encourage groups and individuals to support in prayer the practical aspects of Mothers’ Union’s mission.

The aim of Praying with Purpose is to help build our faith for prayer, and make it as accessible as possible for a wide variety of people. 
It provides tools both for groups and individuals at home as we come to pray for each other, for projects and for initiatives. As we do this we live out our aim to base everything we do as Mothers’ Union on a foundation of prayer.  

Praying with Purpose consists of a number of resources from which can be selected prayer ideas to put together a “bespoke” prayer time for a particular need. At the heart of the resources are templates for prayer times into which chosen ideas can be incorporated. These follow a pattern, which starts by building faith, giving thanks for answered prayer, intercession for current needs and ends with blessing. The emphasis is on variety in praying so that all who participate can feel both comfortable and inspired to pray! 

As groups and individuals experience answers to prayer and grow in confidence then it is hoped that they will feel free to adapt the resources provided and to use their own prayer ideas. Praying with Purpose is intended to be a “living” resource; growing and changing as new ideas from those who use it are included. 

Template for prayer

A template for prayer which can be adapted for specific contexts and initiatives. Materials from the different steps to prayer and other ideas can be used, or your own resources.

Step 1 Bible verses & quotes on prayer

Use these verses and quotes to encourage and  build up faith as you pray  

Step 2 prayers

You may like to choose one of these prayers as an encouragement and to “set the scene” at the beginning of a prayer time     

Step 3 creative ideas for prayer

Try using creative ways of prayer as part of your group prayer times. These are some general ideas and some for specific projects and activities which can be adapted for various contexts. You can also use and develop your own ideas

Step 4 blessings

Some blessings you could use to end your prayer time. You may like to expand the blessing to reflect the specific work for which you have been praying

Using the Lord's Prayer

As you pray for each other, your projects and initiatives, try basing your intercessions on the prayer Jesus taught his disciples when they asked him how they should pray 

Praying in steps

It’s not always easy to have faith for what seems to us to be big answers to prayer. A helpful way to pray, then, is to do so in “steps of faith” 

Prayers for projects & initiatives

These prayers focus on specific aspects of Mothers’ Union mission. You can adapt them to suit your specific situation or style of praying

Lord teach us to pray reflection

You may like to use this resource for personal reflection or a group time of encouragement to prepare for supporting an initiative in prayer

Bible reflection on prayer

A reflection for groups or personal use on being persistent in prayer

ABC of prayer for MU@home

A prayer template for members of MU@home, whether permanently housebound or unable though circumstances to join with prayer groups