Leadership Conference 2016: Conference Presentations


Below you will find all of the presentations from the various sessions at the Leadership Conference, grouped by the days and titles of sessions. Please note that the presentations are final versions and thus uneditable.

We are currently in the process of uploading all the workshops - please bear with us!


Monday 9th May

MU Leadership Conference - A Celebration of Success

MU Leadership Conference - Celebrating Our Membership

MU Leadership Conference - Momentum


Tuesday 10th May


MU Leadership Conference - Inspiring the Clergy to Work with Us - Group notes

MU Leadership Conference - Sharing the "Best Kept Secret"



Are we Making a Difference Workshop Slides                     (Led by Nicola Lawrence)

Campaigning is for Everyone Workshop Slides                    (Led by Rose Wright)

Campaigning is for Everyone Workshop Handout

CCM Listening to Communities Workshop Slides                     (Led by Rob Dawes)

Creating Ambassadors Workshop Slides                               (Led by Fiona Thomas)

Extending Our Reach Workshop Slides                              (Led by Rachael Arding)       

The Fundraising Plan Workshop Slides                              (Led by Naomi Mardon)



MU Leadership Conference - Tools for Engaging with Members

MU Leadership Conference - Sharing Our Story


Wednesday 11th May

MU Leadership Conference - Preparing for the Future

MU Leadership Conference - Conference Close