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Group and branch resources

Mothers’ Union is a member based organisation with our organisation and activities undertaken by members in their own communities, usually in local groups and branches.

These resources are here to help and inspire you whether you are looking for some new worship ideas, inspiration for activities for your group, or promoting Mothers’ Union to your local church and community

Services for a local branch or group

Worshipping together with local members is a vital part of Mothers’ Union activities, which strengthens faith and binds members together in fellowship.

Prayer and Worship Ideas

A selection of seasonal prayers for your meetings as well as Mothers' Union prayers for various occasions


Mothers’ Union members are great at making a range of craft items, such as knitted teddies, fiddle pinnies and prayer shawls. You can find patterns and instructions for making some of our more popular items in this section.

Promoting Mothers' Union

Make sure your local church and community know all about Mothers’ Union by using these posters on noticeboards, at events or anywhere you want to promote the work of Mothers’ Union. As well as these posters about our work, each month we produce a poster on a topical theme or subject so it is easy to keep your displays up to date

2021 Theme: Rebuilding hope and confidence

We recognise that the effects of this pandemic will continue to be felt across the world throughout 2021. As people seek to come to terms with loss of all kinds, from bereavement to loss of livelihood, relationships, wellbeing and other challenges, our work of rebuilding hope and confidence will be vital.Therefore, it seems appropriate to develop our 2020 theme for this year to encompass Rebuilding hope and confidence. 

Praying with Purpose

Praying with Purpose has a variety of resources and ideas to encourage groups to support in prayer their projects and initiatives 

Small group and virtual meeting resources

 Find information on ways Mothers' Union members can meet when our usual branch meetings aren't possible as well as some ideas for both virtual and small group meetings.