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2021 Theme: Rebuilding hope and confidence

2021 Theme: Rebuilding hope and confidence

The theme for 2021 is “Rebuilding hope and confidence."


Our 2020 theme of Building hope and confidence has been timely and pertinent, as we have reached out to those who are suffering in deep and unique ways because of the global pandemic.

We recognise that the effects of this pandemic will continue to be felt across the world throughout 2021. Therefore, it seems appropriate to develop our theme to encompass Rebuilding hope and confidence. 

As people seek to come to terms with loss of all kinds, from bereavement to loss of livelihood, relationships, wellbeing and other challenges, our work of rebuilding hope and confidence will be vital.

We will add to the 2020 resources, which continue to be relevant for the coming year, to help us to sustain our confidence in the sure and steadfast hope of God as we reach out to a hurting world.