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Support families in need, equip communities with life-changing skills, empower women and combat gender-based violence

Together we can end poverty, violence and injustice.

The time and money so generously given by members and supporters like you is crucial to the running of Mothers’ Union programmes that change over 750,000 lives each year.

We can't do it without you

Your support is vital to help illiterate people learn to read and write; help prisoners reconnect with their families to reduce their chance of reoffending; support marginalised women to speak up for their rights; and much more. We can’t do it without you!

There are many ways to fundraise for Mothers’ Union and we hope these pages inspire you to put your faith into action to help others in need.

Whether you would like to support our latest fundraising appeal, take part in a sponsored event, or do something else, thank you for choosing to fundraise for Mothers’ Union and make an enormous difference to people around the world.

£27 can help

Someone in Ethiopia complete a two-year course to learn to read and write, providing them with a basic skill that completely changes their life.

£130 can start

Two savings and credit associations in Rwanda, allowing group members to save collectively and provide each other with loans to buy household items, start businesses, care for others in the community and build a secure future for their families.

£1,800 will pay

A year’s salary for a community worker in Sudan to support projects such as literacy training, teaching handicrafts, visiting prisoners and providing for widows and orphans.

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Leave a legacy

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Other ways to fundraise

Take a look at some other ideas for raising money

Mothers' Union Ethical Gifts

Ethical Gifts

Our range of ethical gifts vary in price and make the perfect present for a loved one. For each gift you buy you will receive a voucher telling you more about it, which you can pass onto a friend or family member.