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Benefits of Belonging

As a Member or Friend of our global movement you will receive all of the following for just £3 a month - the change we can achieve together is priceless.

Getting started…

A welcome pack containing:

  • Your personal membership or friendship card
  • A lapel badge to show your membership or friendship of Mothers’ Union 
  • A welcome letter and frequent updates from the CEO 
  • A diary, including the Mothers’ Union prayer and key dates in the Church year

Keeping in touch…

  • All issues of our magazine, Connected, delivered directly to your door*
  • A subscription to our monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date
  • Ability to join Mothers’ Union Facebook Group and connect with fellow members online
  • Information about Members’ Days at the worldwide headquarters in London and to Annual Gatherings

Getting involved as a global member or friend...

You will also have the chance to take an active part in our campaigning work (members have represented Mothers’ Union in the UK parliament and at the UN), community projects in your local area or more globally through our strong international connections, and – should you wish to – in shared moments of prayer and reflection for our global Wave of Prayer.

*Global Members and Friends outside Britain and Ireland receive these communications electronically. Alternatively, call us if you would like to arrange delivery of our magazines directly to your door (a charge to cover international postage will apply). 


As a Supporter of our global movement, you will receive the following for £2 a month - but the change we can achieve together is priceless.

  • A subscription to our monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date 
  • Information about how to get more involved if you wish 


Benefits of membership or friendship for local group members depend on where you live and how you choose to join, but usually include: receiving locally-relevant newsletters alongside Connected magazine; the opportunity to take part in community projects and volunteering; and the chance to attend monthly meetings for discussion, prayer and fellowship. Prices are set locally and so will depend on where you choose to join. To find out more about the benefits in your particular area, take a look at the interactive map.

NB: If you choose to join as a Member globally or locally, you will also have the opportunity to shape the movement directly,  by standing to be a local, regional or worldwide leader, and/or voting for who you want to lead the charity every three years.