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join a mothers' union group or branch

Join a Mothers' Union group or branch

Members of Mothers’ Union come together to meet with one another all over the world, and each group gets together in its own unique way. There is not a set way of joining, and all groups will welcome newcomers with open arms – you can join a group today, or just go along to a meeting to find out more. You can find groups that meet near where you live or work here. We recommend you try a few to find one that meets when you are free and whose activities match your interests – be that volunteering opportunities, prayer, discussion, socialising or craft. And if you're not ready to join straight away, you might wish to volunteer with a local group on a project they run.

Many groups meet as ‘Branches’, and are linked to a parish, often meeting in a church hall. Others meet in cafes, restaurants, community centres or members' homes… the list goes on and on. Most groups meet monthly, but some – particularly ‘Diocesan’ groups – meet less frequently, if at all, and fellowship groups may meet weekly. There are no limits to where and when members and friends can meet, and we are careful to include everyone, so that if you cannot physically attend a meeting there will be other ways to feel part of things (for example by taking part in daily prayer).

Local membership generally involves paying an annual subscription and being welcomed into membership either at a group meeting, or as part of a church service (you can see examples of wording that may be used at the bottom of this page).  You can choose whether or not you would like to be formally ‘admitted’ in this way, but many people find this to be an extremely moving and important occasion.

Benefits of membership or friendship for local group members depend on where you live and how you choose to join, but usually include: receiving locally-relevant newsletters alongside Connected; the opportunity to take part in community projects and volunteering; and the chance to attend monthly meetings for discussion, prayer and fellowship. Prices are set locally and so will depend on where you choose to join. To find out more about the benefits in your particular area, take a look at the interactive map.