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Leave a legacy

Your legacy can help ensure that the next generation is supported.

With a legacy, you can ensure that all that you have done in your life is preserved and carried forward, so that your story can live on.

Helping people learn to read and write

Since 2000, Mothers' Union's Literacy & Financial Education Programme has trained facilitators to help over 150,000 people learn to read and write, form savings and credit groups and learn skills that help them set up or develop businesses. As a result many women have taken on leading roles in their communities.

Why should you leave a gift in your legacy for a charity?

Even a little goes a long way. By leaving a Legacy you can help people, at home and abroad, build a better future for themselves and their families. Which is why we are so grateful for any gift, whatever size, you choose to leave in your Will. It is a lovely way to make a lasting contribution to an organisation you care about. A gift can be:

  1. A fixed amount
  2. A % share of the residue of my estate or
  3. All of the residue of my estate

How can my gift help?


Our campaign work aims to promote conditions in society that enable families to flourish. For example, our campaign titled ’16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based violence’ is aimed at putting an end to gender-based violence. Every year, we join with others globally to raise awareness of, and call for an end to, GBV in all forms and in all societies.


Empowering communities

Mothers’ Union’s Church & Community Mobilisation Process trains facilitators around the world to lead Bible studies that inspire Churches to work with their wider communities to make changes together. Communities are empowered to take control of their futures by using the resources God has given them.

Providing holidays for families facing adversity

When families are under a lot of pressure it can have a negative impact on their relationships. Members across the UK and Ireland provide Away From It All holidays, giving families in need a break from the stresses of everyday life and a chance to spend quality time together.


Promoting stable marriage

Mothers’ Union’s Loving for Life programme trains members to facilitate marriage preparation groups. Through these sessions couples learn more about each other, ways to communicate, and discuss matters that will help them as they journey through their married life together.

How to write your will

Writing a Will allows you to make sure your money and possessions go to the ones you love. Once you know they will be looked after, you may also like to leave a gift to the causes you care about, such as Mothers' Union. This can also have the added benefit of reducing the amount of Inheritance Tax paid on your estate.

Writing a Will needn’t be a complicated process but hopefully these simple steps will help:

  • Find a Solicitor
  • Choose executors
  • Decide who will receive what
  • Let us know your intentions by using the pledge form enclosed in this pack
  • Bear in mind that our projects and programmes can change over time
  • Keep your Will up to date and safe

For details about the process, download out FAQ document from the link below. You can also contact us at: 

Tel: 020 7227 0620



leave a legacy faqs


Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about leaving a gift in your Will

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