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Ending violence, ending poverty, ending injustice. Our projects are helping build a better future.


Each year, across the world, Mothers’ Union members work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those around them. They do this as part of their personal commitment to show their faith in action. The embedded nature of members in communities means Mothers' Union is uniquely placed to reach people which others (NGOs or government agencies) struggle to reach.


Mothers' Union groups identify community needs at local level and form projects to address these. In a number of countries, the work of members is supported and nurtured by professional workers. These are known as Community Development Coordinators and their training and direction is facilitated by the central charity.

Local projects are necessarily diverse, so that they may respond to differing local needs. However, there are some common themes which are important to the membership. These include maintaining a worldwide Christian fellowship, promoting favourable conditions in society for stable family life, and helping those families who have met with adversity.

The role of the central charity is to provide an administrative function, support the raising of funds, and offer overall guidance. This enables large-scale projects which fulfill the more substantial goals of the movement. The common thread of these larger projects is to work through communities to combat poverty, reduce violence and encourage fairness and justice. These projects, funded by individual members and partner donors, support many thousands of people each year.

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Making a global impact

Mothers' Union members around the world directly change the lives of over 750,000 people each year.