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Trustees for the Triennium 2015-2018

Mothers’ Union is led by a worldwide board of trustees all of whom for 2015-2018  are volunteers elected from the membership. The Board meets at least twice a year and comprises the Worldwide President as chair of the Board, and members from across the world, including 5 with responsibilities for linking with staff on areas of functional expertise. In 2018, their skills are complemented by  2 non-voting co-optees providing expertise on finance and property and business leadership to the Audit and Risk Committee. A Bishop holds the office of Honorary Chaplain to the Board and the movement.

Lynne Tembey – Worldwide President

Lynne heads up the Board of Trustees. She has held various roles including Action & Outreach committee member and diocesan vice president as well as serving on the Board of Trustees as the provincial president for the Province of York. She believes Mothers’ Union needs to reflect upon an ever-changing world, being ready and willing to change, yet remaining committed and faithful to our vision, aims and objectives.

lynne tembey

Frida Kazembe - South and Central Africa, with Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan

From Zambia, Frida has held several positions, including diocesan president and chairperson. She has also participated in several provincial conferences and is a consultant physician.

frida kazembe

Libbie Crossman – South Pacific

Libbie is from Australia, and has served Mothers’ Union at diocesan and provincial level not only in Australia but also in Papua New Guinea. Her travels within the Pacific, not only to Papua New Guinea but also to Melanesia have given her a good understanding of Mothers’ Union in diverse countries of the world. Libbie was ordained deacon in 1992 and priest in 1997. Libbie has also worked professionally as the Executive Officer of a public-funded company.

libbie crossman

Maria Akrofi – West Africa and Francophone Africa

From Ghana, Maria is a consultant anaesthetist and has been involved in many women’s projects in West Africa. Maria has a passion for spotting the gifts and talents in people and enabling them to reach their potential.  Maria pioneered innovation by facilitating the development of the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa (CAPA) women and girls ministry which reaches out to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

maria akrofi

Helen Parry – Asia

From the Isle of Man, Helen has been a diocesan president for the Diocese of Sodor & Man and has worked in banking.

helen parry

Sheran Harper - The Americas

Sheran lives in Guyana, and is Mothers’ Union's Worldwide Parenting Trainer and Provincial Vice President of West Indies. She has served Mothers’ Union in several capacities including diocesan president and provincial public relations officer. Sheran is a professional physiotherapist.

sheran harper

Nikki Sweatman - Provincial President Canterbury

Nikki supports members from the southern half of England, Europe and Bermuda (Canterbury Province). She has served Mothers’ Union in several capacities, most recently as Finance coordinator and Deputy President in the Diocese of Canterbury.  She is also on the central training team.  She has worked in Finance and in Mental Health.

nikki sweatman

Barbara Taylor - Provincial President York

Barbara supports members in the northern half of England (York Province), keeping in contact with those dioceses and liaising between them and the Board. She has held various roles including Finance & Central Services unit coordinator and diocesan president for the Diocese of Manchester. She particularly values our worldwide nature and fellowship.

barbara taylor

Phyllis Grothier - Provincial President All Ireland

Phyllis reports and liaises with trustees, members and staff about our work in Ireland. She has served in various roles including diocesan president. She believes that Mothers’ Union has a role to play in society today and that every member has the privilege and responsibility of fulfilling that role both through prayers and actions.

phyllis grothier

Jean McPherson Richardson - Provincial President Scotland

Jean’s role is to liaise with the Board and represent members in Scotland. Her previous roles include Finance & Central Services unit coordinator.

jean mcphearson richardson

Kay Warrington - Provincial President Wales

Kay has been a member of Mothers’ Union for over 40 years and has served in various roles in the organisation with a particular focus on media and marketing Mothers’ Union. Kay most recently was diocesan president in Swansea & Brecon in Wales.  Professionally Kay has worked as a teacher and as diocesan Children’s Officer and Provincial Children’s Officer for the Church in Wales. She is passionate about promoting the work of Mothers’ Union to the wider Church: as the Church in Wales meets its own 2020 Strategic Vision Kay is keen to effectively move Mothers’ Union in Wales forward at the same time.

kay warrington

Jean Price - Provincial Representative Trustee

Jean supports all the provincial presidents who live outside Britain & Ireland, keeping in contact with them and liaising between them and the Board. She has held various roles, including diocesan president and unit coordinator for Fundraising & Communication and Finance & Central Services.

jean price

Margaret Edwards - Unit Coordinator Action & Outreach

Margaret has been a member of Mothers’ Union for 28 years and has held various roles during that time, including Diocesan President for 6 years until the end of 2012 and has been a Unit Committee member of Action & Outreach since 2013.  Margaret is keen to promote Mothers’ Union engagement with clergy and as a result of this work in Gloucester Diocese was granted the honour of becoming a Lay Canon of Gloucester Cathedral in 2013.

margaret edwards

Jocelyn Wright - Unit Coordinator Fundraising & Communications

Jocelyn represents the work of the Fundraising & Communications unit on the Board of Trustees. Jocelyn was previously diocesan president for the Diocese of Rochester. She is an experienced trustee with experience of facilitating constitutional review, developing a local prison project and establishing child safety procedures meetings.

jocelyn wright

Jane Tibbs - Unit Coordinator Faith & Policy

Jane represents the work of the Faith & Policy unit on the Board of Trustees. Jane was previously diocesan president for the Diocese of Bath & Wells. She is a Children’s Adviser in the Church of England supporting all their activities with children and their families (Sunday Schools, after school clubs, toddler groups). She is the author of books on the spiritual development of families. 

jane tibbs

Margaret Jones – Unit Coordinator Finance & Central Services

Margaret’s role is to work alongside the Head of Finance  to see that all things financial and administrative are working well and to liaise between the Board of Trustees and the dioceses. She has held various diocesan offices and has been provincial president for Wales.

margaret jones

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