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about mothering sunday

The history of Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday has evolved over the years; from the time when people would return to their “Mother Church” during Lent to when those in service and apprenticeships went home to their mothers with gifts such as hand-picked flowers.

By the early 20th century celebrating Mothering Sunday had waned in many places, but the institution of Mother's Day in the United States brought about renewed interest. This was a cause championed by Mothers’ Union, amongst others.

By 1938 it was claimed that Mothering Sunday was celebrated in every parish in Britain and in every country of the Empire.

Cordelia Moyse: A History of Mothers’ Union; 2009

Now a staple in the church calendar and celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Mothering Sunday is a time for us all to recognize the importance of those who have cared for and mothered us throughout our lives.