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Board Members 2022-2024

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Jan Lloyd - Audit & Risk Committee: Jan is a Chief Executive with over 25 years’ experience in both the private and public sector. At Mothers’ Union, she has been an advisor to the Trustees since May 2018. She employs her general commercial management and governance expertise to assist with MU’s future plans. She has been a member of the Audit and Risk Committee as well as Chair to the Property Committee involved in considering how best to plan the future of Mary Sumner House for the benefit of the charity.

She is motivated by assisting the trustees and the executives make well informed decisions, “The focus should always be on the delivery of the charitable aims”. Asking good questions, challenging and supporting the executives and making sure the reasons for decisions are clear and understood by all – that’s all part of what she thinks she can add to the process.

Liz Gailer - Safeguarding Committee: Liz has recently been appointed as the safeguarding trustee for Mothers Union. Liz has over 35 years experience of working as a Senior Service Manager on the front line of children’s social care provision. Upon retiring, Liz has continued to develop her professional practice through her own academic research via her Southern European charity work. She has extensive experience of child protection issues in relation to group migration from war, natural disaster and fragile environments. She has worked, researched and taught in the United Kingdom, United States, Southern and Eastern Europe, MENA and ASEAN regions. For the last 10 years she has worked as the Director of Professional Development and Research for the Safeguarding Alliance an international organisation that has a dedicated focus on protecting those most vulnerable.

Thembsie Mchunu - Policy & Advocacy Committee: Thembsie is an educator, mother of four and grandmother, who joined Mothers’ Union in 1978. She has dedicated herself to serving her community through Mothers’ Union. She has held positions at parish, diocese and national level in South Africa, and has formulated policies and procedures to ensure good governance. Particular passions include fighting violence against women and children for 365 days a year, and fighting for groups who are marginalized, such as those with Albinism. She is a member of the Provincial Standing Committee for the Church in South Africa, and in the community has led “one parish, one orphan” at a time when they were badly affected by AIDS, and “one home, one garden” to encourage a balanced diet. Thembsie is a member of the Remuneration Committee.

Mary Kamwati - Safeguarding Committee: Mary is a trained theologian, who has worked extensively in the children’s and youth ministry. She has been a co-ordinator for Mothers’ Union work in her Diocese in Kenya including serving in an orphanage. Mary is very active within the Church community and has served on the Regional and National Executive of the Council of Churches, and on the Diocesan Board of Mission.

Mary joined Mothers’ Union in 1989, has been Diocesan President and served on the National Executive of Kenya as Treasurer. She is passionate about championing the marginalized in society, and firmly believes “I can do all things through God who gives me strength”. Mary is a member of the Safeguarding Committee and joint Board Faith Lead.

Paul Hindle - IT & Data, Development Committees: Paul is a retired chartered engineer and Member of the Energy Institute. In his professional career, he developed skills including direct marketing, financial modelling and development of legal contracts. He is an active volunteer in the Church and with other charities, is a Treasurer for two and has developed skills in website development and management, online databases and desktop publishing.

Paul joined Mothers’ Union in 2006, and has been Treasurer for MU Scotland since 2012. In this role, he has proposed changes to the Constitution for Scotland which were accepted, and is the lead contact for the Charity Regulator in Scotland. Paul is a board member of the Audit and Risk (A&R) and Development Committees and Board Lead on IT. You can find names of other committee members here.

Julia Jamieson - Policy & Advocacy Committee: Julia is a skilled librarian who has worked across public, school and medical libraries. Her work has included community profiling to assist with improving services for marginalised and vulnerable groups, mentoring students, encouraging reluctant readers, teaching computer skills and preparing university applications for students. She has also served as member of Diocesan Synod, Deanery Synod and PCC.

She joined Mother’s Union on 25th of March, 1990. Since then, she has served on the Board of Trustees for more than a decade, most recently handing over the role of Diocesan President of Rochester to take up this new Worldwide role. She has also served as Young Families representative on behalf of her Diocese at central charity level. She has been actively involved in various MU projects at the local level such as: AFIA (Away from it all), 16 Days of Activism and Support for women’s refuges along with many more. She is passionate about supporting those who feel marginalized or invisible in our communities. She aspires to seek ways to build confidence, find ways to give a voice to their issues and encourage practical solutions.

Kathleen Snow - Development, IT & Data Committees: Kathleen is a practicing nurse, who is currently managing the Parish Nurse Ministry and Health Ministry in her Cathedral in Canada, where she is also a member of the team leading Safe Church Regulation. She has been a Patient Advocate in a major health region, and most recently Chief Privacy Officer and Right to Information Coordinator for the Provincial Health Authority.

Kathleen joined Mothers’ Union in 1988 and has held leadership roles at local and national level. She has also been active centrally, on the Fundraising and Communications Committee and also as a Regional Trainer for Parenting for her Zone, as well as a facilitator both in her Zone and Britain and Ireland for the MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes, Acts) process. She has had a particular role in facilitating parenting programmes with the Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Kathleen is Chair of the Development Committee and Board Lead on Data Protection.

Canon Catherine Hilton - Development Committee: Catherine is a retired teacher, who has worked in both primary and secondary schools, leading teams as Pastoral Head. She has attended courses in Safer Recruitment and Child Safety and is currently the Safeguarding Officer for her parish. She is on the governing bodies of two schools being currently the Chair of Governors for one.

Catherine joined Mothers’ Union in 1997, has run a branch and led the Diocese of Manchester as their President for six years from 2013 – 2018. She was instrumental in introducing the “Just up your Street” initiative in Manchester, which enables members to grow in confidence in reaching out with practical projects in their communities. She has also worked to help a Congolese family of refugees to integrate into the community and helped set up the Diocese of Manchester as the sponsor for a Home Office Syrian Refugee Resettlement Scheme. Catherine is a member of the Development, Safeguarding and Remuneration Committees.

Roshini Mendes - Development & Provident Fund Committees: Roshini was the Treasurer of the Asian Church Women’s Conference until the end of 2018, and has extensive experience of working ecumenically across Asia, engaging with members in over 18 countries. She joined Mothers’ Union in 1999, has been a member of the central “Action and Outreach” committee, and President of MU in Sri Lanka. Within Sri Lanka, she is very focused on practical work in the community, for example: organising medical camps in remote communities; visiting families affected by floods and providing them with relief packs; starting free English classes for disadvantaged children. In Sri Lanka, Christians are a minority group, so she is particularly keen to reach out to the wider community, and to serve the children of underprivileged families, irrespective of their faith. Roshini is a member of the Development Committee and Board Lead on the International Anglican Family Network (IAFN).