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Mothers' Union Diocese of Armagh

The Diocese of Armagh comprises parts of Counties Londonderry and Tyrone, most of County Armagh and all of County Louth


Mothers’ Union in Armagh is committed to supporting all families facing difficulties in the diocese. The diocese is large and crosses the boundary between Northern Ireland and the Republic, stretching from Magherafelt to Drogheda. The principal towns are Portadown, Dungannon and Cookstown in Northern Ireland and Dundalk and Drogheda in the Republic of Ireland.  

The Armagh Diocesan Mothers’ Union operates under a Christian ethos and our work listed below reflects this. We have an active membership across several branches.

Our work includes:

  • Providing relief of those in need within the Diocese of Armagh - holidays in NI are provided for families with specific needs
  • Volunteers assist at a Child Contact Centre
  • Teddy bears, mattresses and knitted garments provided for children in A&E Units
  • Toiletries, toys, towels, etc to Women's Aid Centres and A&E units
  • Provide parenting courses within the diocese
  • Financially support Mothers' Union's Literacy and Education Programme in underdeveloped countries 
  • Education - training Mothers' Union leaders in the Diocese of Armagh. 
  • Volunteering at parent/toddler groups, crèche etc. 
  • Relief of poverty - we financially support Mothers' Union's Family Life project which works alongside people in underdeveloped countries to get the best use of their land enabling them to become self sufficient.

To learn more and get involved, get in touch with our primary contact. ***


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Primary contact: Mrs Debbie Davidson
Province: All-Ireland

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