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Praying Person

Praying with Purpose

Rebuilding Hope and Confidence

These are virtual sharing sessions for members to inspire and enthuse each other to rebuild hope and confidence at local level as we move forward into 2021

2020 has been a year when, as an organisation, we have been challenged and have adapted and responded in ways which we would never have thought possible. And there will be challenges ahead in 2021 as we rebuild hope and confidence in our local groups and branches, in our communities and in our spiritual life. We have learned so much in 2020 and now is the time for us to draw on what we have experienced to strengthen Mothers’ Union for the future.

We are offering a series of virtual sharing sessions when all members can come together to draw on experiences (both good and bad) of 2020 and to use these to stimulate, enthuse and inspire each other.

Follow this link to sign up.

Dates and times

14 Jan 2021