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Mothering Sunday

Beneath the cards and the flowers gifted to ‘that caring and supportive someone’ there is a simple message of love and appreciation that can be given on Mothering Sunday.

For many years now Mothers’ Union have supported this act through our fantastic Make a Mother's Day Appeal where our ethical gifts have the added benefit of making a difference to mothers and communities around the world.

On Mothering Sunday (31st March 2019) we want to reach out to the church community as a whole, whether you are part of Mothers’ Union branch or not, in order to equip you in your celebration and worship for this special day.

You can access our full set of Mothering Sunday resources here

Why not purchase an ethical gift for your loved one this Mothering Sunday – Make a Mother's Day.

Make a Mother's Day

Mothers’ Union have a range of inspiring ethical gifts ranging from £6 to £100. When you buy a gift for your mum or in memory of your mum, you will be helping other women around the world learn literacy skills, start a business, gain parenting skills, or support members who are running homework centres.

about mothering sunday

About Mothering Sunday

Information on Mothering Sunday and the role Mothers' Union has played in celebrations throughout our 140+ year history

Mothering Sunday resources

Our free Mothering Sunday resources offer service ideas, crafts, sermons and prayers for your church or group. Resources suitable for all ages

ethical gifts of facilitator training

Ethical gifts from Mothers' Union

Buy an ethical gift for, or in memory of your mother