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Away from it all

AFIA is a Mothers' Union holiday scheme

"I never thought that Mothers' Union would consider me but they gave me the chance to see my first grandchild and that meant so much to me. It has changed my view on what I thought was a group of ‘God-ladies’ to a group of ladies that show God cares for people like me." 
AFIA Holiday participant 

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Away from it all Application

Away From It All (AFIA) is a Mothers’ Union holiday scheme, primarily funded by our members, to give the opportunity of a break to those who may be experiencing stress or difficulties in their family life. On average, we help 2,500 people to have a holiday each year. Families are able to spend time together away from their stressful situations at home, engage in activities together and have fun. They often experience healing in their relationships by spending this quality time with each other.

Mothers’ Union’s involved with AFIA will:

  • Help fund part of the cost of a holiday
  • Cover a family’s travel expenses,
  • Pay for a whole holiday or day trip
  • Organise family weeks for groups of families to have a break with activities and outings.

A number of our dioceses also have mobile homes they fund so that numerous families can enjoy a holiday together throughout the year.

Families hoping to have an AFIA holiday don’t have to be a member of a church or our organisation and you can apply for yourselves or recommend someone else for a holiday. We will try to find the most suitable holiday, because everyone is different!

How to apply

Would you or someone that you know benefit from an AFIA holiday? Just click on the link below to start the application process. We will ask for your name and contact details and the number of people who would like to go on the holiday, along with the ages of any children.

This information is sent on to a local Mothers’ Union holiday coordinator who will then contact the family and ask them to fill in an application form. (Please note: people can nominate themselves or their friends but anyone applying for a holiday will also be asked to provide details of someone who knows them in a professional capacity, such as a vicar, teacher, or social worker).

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