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Side By Side

What is Side by Side?

Side by side is an organisation which draws together faith communities within countries and also across many different countries. Within each country they work together wherever possible to meet local challenges in bringing about justice and equality for all people, irrespective of gender. 

As a movement of faith leaders and communities, faith-based organisations and individuals of faith they are committed to removing barriers to gender justice. These actions are vital in making progress towards Mothers' Unions aims of stopping violence, stopping poverty and stopping injustice.


What unites the partners?

All of the partners who make up the Side by Side movement are united by their belief that each person has intrinsic value and dignity. Furthermore, they adhere to the belief that every person has equal rights in the distribution of power, knowledge, and resources.

All people must be free from cultural and interpersonal systems of privilege and oppression, from violence and repression based on gender. In this worldview gender is seen as gift rather than danger, a source of hope and optimism rather than a limiting category.


What is the vision?

Side by Side has global reach and seeks to strengthen the movement for gender justice in regional and national coalitions.


The Goals of the Side by Side movement are to see a world where:

  • gender inequality is no longer considered acceptable under any social, political, economic, religious and cultural circumstances
  • women and men, boys and girls understand and promote gender justice and do not engage in behaviour or practices which condone, promote or model gender inequality
  • social, political and economic development outcomes are gender equitable e.g. SDG outcomes
  • power relations between men and women are gender equitable and all people, regardless of gender, exercise agency and autonomy over their own bodies and lives
  • gender based violence is eliminated and no longer tolerated under any circumstance


To find out more about Side by Side visit their website.