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Finding Ways To Build Closer Communities

Is the UK a fatally divided country, and if so, how can we heal those divisions? This question has been exercising increasing numbers of people in the wake of Brexit and COVID.

The charity Together was set up in response to the reported rising levels of loneliness and isolation in society, profound inequality, increasing poverty and divisive political debates. All of which have been prevalent in the public domain over the last few years.

Backed not only by the NHS, the Scouts, but also small organisations concerned with social cohesion such as the Jo Cox Foundation, and with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby chairing the steering committee, Together has a remit to try and heal divisions, with the help of ordinary citizens.

Mothers’ Union is partnering with Together as one of the grassroots community organisations, hoping to spread a message of healing and working in partnership with others to overcome differences.

Together’s message aligns with one of Mothers’ Union’s main aims of belonging to a movement for change, and helping to build communities where everyone thrives.

Together is committed to answering the division question with the help of the UK population, who they would like to have their say about what will bring people closer in what is hoped will be the biggest survey since the last census in 2011.

By sharing survey information here, Mothers’ Union is hoping to encourage members in the UK and Ireland to do their bit by joining the people making constructive suggestions.

Together will be using the survey results to gather suggestions, which can be used towards healing divisions and creating a closer and more equal society.

Together launched in July 2020 with a Thank You event for the NHS response to COVID, in which an estimated 14m people took part.

As well as the survey and a Christmas campaign, Together has held online discussions with members of the public in 50 locations across the UK this year. Councils, faith and civil society organisations, business, sport and others with a community focus came together to share their ideas and knowledge.