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Give the Gift of MU!

We are expanding, and we invite you to join us! 

23 Nov 2023

Interested in receiving regular updates on the wonderful work we do? Not sure you are ready to become a member but want to be kept updated on our campaigns and the impact we have? Why not become a Global Supporter of MU. 

For more information, go to our Join Us page and to become a Supporter, go to the Join or Support MU tab in the box.

Want to share MU with your family and friends? Give the annual Gift of MU, either membership, friendship, or supporter. Ideal for a Christmas, birthday, wedding, Mothering Sunday, Easter, or baptism gift. This is a wonderful way to raise awareness of what we do and for the recipient to support a charity committed to improving the lives of families and the vulnerable around the globe.

To purchase a Gift of MU, go to the Join Us page and select the Gift of MU tab in the box. Once you have made the purchase, you will be sent the gift card for you to bestow. Included with the gift card is a welcome letter for you to give to the gift recipient, where they are asked to activate their gift by registering their details directly with us.

Please note, to purchase Gifts of MU you should not be logged into your member account; please ensure you are not signed into your member account. The Join Us purchasing box is available only if you are not logged in.