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2024 is THE election year

We are not alone in going to the polls. 2024 is not just an election year, it is perhaps the election year. 

03 Apr 2024

This month, MU begins the process of electing a new leadership for the Board of Trustees for the worldwide movement, including the Worldwide President role and 11 Zonal Trustees. The Worldwide President is the leader of the global movement and the figurehead for Mothers’ Union within and outside the organisation. They are also the Chair of the Worldwide Board, responsible for line managing the CEO, and the team at Mary Sumner House. At the end of April, the nominations process is launched online, with the results being announced on 3rd September in advance of the new Board taking over on 1st January 2025.

The next Triennium is especially exciting as the Board will be overseeing all our activities for the 150th Anniversary for the movement. Continuing the vision set by Worldwide Council in Kigali in 2019 and the drive for Transformation in Action, they will also refresh the strategic plan as we look to the future.

We are not alone in going to the polls. 2024 is not just an election year, it is perhaps the election year.  Globally, more voters than ever in history will head to the polls in national elections; around 4.2 billion citizens across at least 64 countries (plus the European Union) which represents about 49% of the people in the world. The results will prove consequential for years to come. We live in a time of unprecedented challenges, environmental crisis, economic uncertainty with many nations at war. The choices made in these worldwide elections will shape the responses to these issues, influencing the resilience and adaptability of nations in the face of adversity.

Elections wield a power that extends beyond the immediate selection of our leaders and in the context of our close-knit MU family, they influence the dynamics and efficacy of the whole of Mothers' Union. The very act of casting a vote is a powerful tool that enables members to help shape our future, empowering us to actively participate in the decision-making processes and providing opportunities to voice opinions and preferences. Not only does this foster a greater sense of ownership and engagement among us, it also serves as a mechanism for building trust and solidarity. 

Given the diverse and interconnected nature of MU, inclusivity is paramount and through elections we ensure that inclusive governance is cultivated and varied perspectives are expressed. They help to empower individuals to drive forward positive change and build a resilient and vibrant grassroots organisation. As a vibrant grassroots organisation, we benefit from having a membership of wide-ranging experiences and expertise. Through elections, individuals with different viewpoints can apply for leadership positions, contributing to a rich tapestry of ideas and approaches. This diversity of thought enhances our ability to bring fresh ideas and strategic vision, building an effective and responsive MU.

MU is built on prayer and whilst we do not know what the future holds, we know who holds the future. This gives us strength to put our faith in action and enables us to be people of transformation wherever we live in the world.

Prayer for upcoming MU elections: 

As we approach the 2024 elections, we come before You with humble hearts, seeking Your guidance and wisdom. Grant us discernment to choose leaders who uphold Your values of justice, compassion, and righteousness. May our votes be guided by love for our neighbours and a desire for the common good. Strengthen Mothers’ Union foundations with leaders who are humble, wise, and servant-hearted. May Your will be done in the selection of our leaders, and may they govern with integrity and fairness. We place our trust in You, knowing that You are the ultimate source of authority and righteousness. Amen.