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Growing in Hope and Confidence - Together

Growing in Hope and Confidence - Together (a conference invitation)

We live in interesting times. Despite all the negative news headlines, there are many causes for hope and optimism. In this context it is right for Mothers' Union to invigorate its own future, and grow in hope and confidence, together.

14 Feb 2020

The Mothers’ Union conference planned for June 2020 will be a unique opportunity. It will draw together members who have a passion to forge the future of Mothers’ Union in Britain & Ireland. If you are a member of Mothers’ Union, you could help shape our path forward.

Content of the Conference

Based around the 2020 theme of ‘Building Hope and Confidence’ the programme content will be developed around four key ‘streams’: Growing, Hope, Confidence and Together.

At the end of the conference, we hope that delegates will:

  • Be inspired by case studies of transformation by other members
  • Participate in interactive workshops with peers, sharing knowledge and learning
  • Be motivated by new approaches to improve outreach and increase member numbers
  • Discover how to improve capturing and sharing our impact, in order to amplify our voice and make Mothers' Union more visible
  • Gain skills to cascade and share with the wider membership
  • Be empowered by others to look at different ways of being Mothers’ Union.

Throughout the conference, the emphasis will be on participatory learning, using practical approaches and useful materials to equip delegates with the confidence to cascade outcomes from the conference more widely.

Who should come?

This is a really exciting event, and dioceses should look to identify two delegates who are:

  • committed and motivated to inspire others to move Mothers’ Union forward in their diocese
  • open to new ideas and learning from other dioceses
  • willing to share fresh ideas or different experiences with others
  • prepared to implement outcomes in the diocese following the conference.

Equally, the diocesan trustees need to be committed to encouraging and supporting their delegates, working with them to invest in the future of our movement.

Practical issues

This conference is slightly longer than usual, starting on the morning of Tuesday 16th  June, but with the option of arriving on Monday afternoon (at no additional cost) for those with a distance to travel, and ending after breakfast on Friday 19th June.

Dioceses will be asked to pay £300 for each delegate, and reasonable travelling expenses in line with the current travel policy will be reimbursed centrally. If delegates don’t mind sharing, there is a discounted rate of £250. There is also a non-residential rate of £120.

Conference Invitation Video

Follow this link to watch the conference invitation video.