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Christmas Tree Festival Chichester

Christmas Tree Festival

Last December St. Michael’s Church, Partridge Green held a Christmas Tree Festival.

14 Jan 2019

All the organisations of the parish took part, including our MU branch. Our aim was to convey that the Mothers’ Union is the largest women’s organisation in the world, with branches in most countries. As our Church is dedicated to St. Michael and all angels, we were asked to have an angel on the top, so our angel is sitting on a globe! Our theme was also in blue and gold, the colours of the MU. All our stars and blue circles had the name of a country on both sides. We also had photos of our banner and of our cross. Our group is very small, only 12 in number, with 8 over 80 but we try to keep up with a monthly meeting.

Margaret Norgrove
Partridge Green and West Grinstead Branch


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