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Domestic Abuse Progress

Conntinued Progress Against Domestic Abuse

Mothers' Union Stands Against Domestic Abuse

01 Jun 2021

Thank you Members

A huge thank you to all members who wrote to their MP, and Dioceses who wrote to their Bishops, to ensure that the Domestic Abuse Bill would be as strong as it possibly could be. There were over 600 downloads of letters from the website, and feedback shows that voices were indeed heard! This landmark Bill passed into legislation on 29th April, 2021, which is fantastic news, and MU has written to the minister to thank her.


More To Be Done

Sadly, work still remains to have full protection for survivors with insecure immigration status, and to ensure that communities are resourced to implement the much-needed support. Therefore, we will continue to work with others to call for both of these

There is a key international convention, the Istanbul Convention, which sets out the standards for countering violence against women. The UK Government signed this 9 years ago, but has yet to ratify, although over 30 countries have already done so.

Mothers' Union has signed a letter to the Prime Minister and 2 Ministers together with a number of other partners in the coalition, “IC Change”, calling for the UK Government, which has a leadership role in Gender Justice, to ratify the convention by 8th June, 2022, the 10th Anniversary of them signing.

We will also participate in the social media campaign on 8th June this year – look out for posts on our social channels!




Cover Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash