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The Continued Importance of Her Majesty The Queen

Her Majesty The Queen is Patron of Mothers' Union

09 Jun 2021

Many contemporary figures that represent traditional institutions can be deeply divisive figures. Just think of popular politicians who lead long-standing political parties. However, a person who never ceases to impress with her dedication and commitment to her role in service of the country is the Queen. 

We may hold different views on the institution of the monarchy but we can all appreciate the Queen’s motivation and ability in carrying out her duties for so many years. As the nominal leader of the United Kingdom since 1952, her influence continues to be felt all around the world. One only had to witness the outpouring of condolences for the recent passing of her husband Prince Philip.

More cynical individuals may ask what the Queen actually does for them, since she wields no real power and her role for the most part is merely symbolic. Yet these people are perhaps missing an obvious point in that the Queen, through her faith, leads by example. 

In carrying out her royal duties with grace and dignity she has been a symbol of inspiration for many both within the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth and in many other countries. She has also promoted Christian values at home and abroad, often using her broadcast messages at Christmas and in the face of national crises to remind us of the strength that can be found in the anchor of Christ.

Behind the scenes, it is no secret that the Queen keeps in close contact with the leader of this country, the Prime Minister. It is well known that she is regularly briefed on all important national matters, although she never publicly weighs in on political debates. Equally no final decisions are up to her. However, one can be sure that she has provided a strong thread of continuity through the successive change of different governments that the UK has had during her long reign.

Whatever our views may be on the institution of the monarchy, such dedication and commitment is truly impressive. The Queen’s steadfastness in carrying out this role through so many years is quite simply remarkable. She provides a focal point for national pride as a symbol of both familial and Christian values.

The Queen did not choose the life she has. She was born into it, but through diligence and devotion has embraced it to the full. She serves as a longstanding reminder that we should live up to our own values, practice our faith if we have one, and live each day as a celebration of all that is.



Cover Photo by Elena Zieg on Unsplash