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Domestic Abuse Bill: Changes welcome, but need to go further

Mothers’ Union welcomes the amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill to make non-fatal strangulation an offence, and to strengthen the law relating to coercive control and revenge porn.

02 Mar 2021

However, we are disappointed that these protections will not apply to those with No Recourse to Public Funding. We would also like to see more community-based services for those affected by gender-based violence.

Mothers’ Union endorses the comments of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales, Nicole Jacobs:

“These changes are a huge win for domestic-abuse victims, charities and campaigners, and I am delighted that the government has listened and acted.

“Nevertheless, the government must still go further to make this Bill genuinely ‘landmark’ by increasing the provision of services in the community and ensuring protections are extended to all victims and survivors, regardless of their immigration status.”




Photo by Deniz Fuchidzhiev on Unsplash