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Dore Mothers' Union raising money to help Muyinga MU in Burundi buy sewing machines.

Dore Mothers' Union in Sheffield Diocese have held events throughout the year to raise money top help Muyinga MU in Burundi buy sewing machines.

19 Feb 2020

Muyinga Mothers' Union have been able to purchase a treadle sewing machine and zig zag electric machine, with both machines have a strong, purpose made table. The group were particularly keen to have a zig zag machine as this gives them more scope.

At their meeting the MU talked about how they would use the machines to make and sell clothing for the local schools and pastors, teach other members and young people how to sew and make items for other projects in the diocese. They are practicing using the machines and have made kanga skirts and a strap for a “bucket seat” which will be used to support a disabled child with poor sitting balance.

The Dore MU should be very proud of what they have achieved. The Muyinga MU are extremely grateful for their generosity and have vowed to make sure that the machines are well used and not taken for granted.

Written by Elizabeth Dean
Sheffield Diocese

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