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Easter Chicks Chichester

Easter Chicks

Knitted Easter chicks have proved a hit as a way of providing some funds for our MU branch baptism project.

Simple (but fiddly) to make and with a delicious treat inside, they have been hopping off to new homes faster than you can say ''cheep, cheep'.

01 May 2019

One member who is currently in hospital heard about the project and was determined not to miss out - 'Pip would like four chicks' was the message on the answerphone. These have been duly delivered to provide an Easter treat for her great grandchildren when they visit her in hospital - and our funds benefitted by £5.00. 'This has been a fun way of boosting our funds', said Heather, whose needles have been clicking madly, 'and another opportunity to have conversations about how Mothers’ Union tries to support projects, small and large, both within our parishes and further afield.'

The Heathfield branch were given an added boost when Revd Mitch made reference to the work of Mary Sumner in his April letter for our benefice community magazine (1500 free copies are distributed each month). He highlighted that 'the work of the Mothers’ Union continues to make a difference to the lives of families across the world' and he acknowledged the 'invaluable contribution' that our branch members are giving in supporting children’s work in our benefice. A new challenge therefore for our small branch to build on this support and ensure that the work and vision of Mary Sumner continues to shine forth today. Our golden coloured Easter chicks are helping to make a small contribution to ensure that lights shine a little more brightly in this corner of East Sussex.

Heather Bruce St Richard’s

Heathfield Branch

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