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"An Idea to Shine a Light" St Albans Diocese - Autumn 2020 Newsline


18 Nov 2020

At this time of year with the dark mornings and night-time closing in so early we need something to brighten up our lives. Christmas and Advent will soon be here but this year with the continued restrictions, less money, less parties, less family gatherings, we can get back to the real reason for Christmas. So, let us ‘Shine A Light’ in the darkness of our winter season.

The idea is that members produce either by knitting, crocheting, sewing or by card, STARS! I will leave the pattern up to you, I know how inspired you can be. Then come a sunny day in mid-December, when there is no wind, either we hang them or ask someone else to hang them, on bushes, low tree branches or place them on gate posts, for children to find them on their way home from school.

On each star we attach a loop, and on that loop, a small business size card with one side saying “This star is a gift with love from Mothers’ Union. Stars are not litter, please take me home and put me on your tree.” On the other side “Mothers’ Union is a Christian organisation supporting families facing adversity. We wish you and your family a Happy Christmas.” A picture of a manger can be added if you wish. Please ensure this message is typed for clarity.

If possible, please take a photo of where the star is placed and forward to Jill our Newsline Editor, then in our Spring edition we will be able to see the beautiful stars you will have produced. This is just a lovely idea originally from Chichester Diocese but one I think we can adopt in St Albans.

In John 8:12 Jesus says “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” So, let us ‘Shine A Light’.

Kim Wilkinson – Diocesan President.

Knitting Pattern for Stars - the following instructions do not relate to the illustration

Festive star knitting pattern

Double knitting wool and size 8 or 4 mm needles

Cast on 81 stitches

1st row.  Knit

2nd row. P1 ( p6 sp2psso p7)5 times (71sts)

3rd row. K1 (k5 sk2psso  k6) 5 times (61sts)

4th row P1 (p4 sp2psso p5) 5 times (51sts)

5th row k1 (k3 sk2psso k4) 5 times (41sts)

6th row p1 (p2 sp2psso p3)5 times (31sts)

7th row k1 ( k1 sk2psso k2) 5 times (21sts)

8th row p1 (sp2psso p1) 5 times (11sts)

9th row k2 tog to end k1 (6sts)

Thread through remaining  stitches and pull tight

Sew up seam, repeat for other side of star , sew together and stuff.

Sk2psso means :- slip one stitch knitwise, knit 2 together and then pass the slip stitch over.

Sp2psso means :- slip one stitch purlwise, purl 2 together and then pass the slip stitch over.


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