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Knitting Teddies for Tragedies

Mothers' Union Manchester has been spreading comfort and kindness to Ukrainian children displaced by war.

25 Jan 2023

After war broke out in Ukraine last year, families have been fleeing their homes to find a safe haven. Sadly, this means a lot of children have left their lives behind, including family and friends, for an unknown life in the UK.

Weeks after the first Ukrainian refugees entered the country, Mothers’ Union Manchester were contacted by Manchester Airport Chaplaincy Team asking for help. They were sent a pattern to knit Teddies 4 Tragedies – the Teddies 4 Tragedies movement started as a pattern for knitted teddies intended to bring comfort and hope to children around the world. Tricia Stokes, Deanery Leader for Bury and Rossendale, agreed to co-ordinate the project. Tricia reached out to members involved in knitting groups throughout greater Manchester.

Since then, over 100 teddies have been knitted, with another 40 ready for the next collection. This number doesn’t include teddies that have been delivered directly to the chaplaincy team at the airport, so the final number may be much higher! Tricia has also sent some knitted bears direct to the Ukrainian front line via a volunteer, and more is planned to be sent soon. A wonderful, kind gesture for the powerless children rocked by war. 

Reverend George Lane, a member of the airport chaplaincy team, has been on the front line at the airport when welcoming the Ukrainian refugees. "The purpose … is to reassure the children - and their anxious siblings and parents that they are safe and among friends. We have no idea of the immediate situation they left before they boarded their flight to the UK".

We would like to commend and thank our members and friends who have continually helped the Ukrainian refugees the last year, be it offering their homes, essential living supplies or the love of handknitted teddies.