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2020 Collage

Looking back at 2020 and then turning our gaze forward

A glance at the year that was 2020 and a look forward

17 Dec 2020

2020 certainly hasn’t been the year we expected it to be. It’s been a challenging year, a testing year. For Mothers’ Union it is a year where we said we were going to build hope and confidence.

Well, God certainly gave us the opportunity to do that. How Mothers’ Union members responded to the challenges of this year has been nothing short of inspirational.

The membership in action in 2020

Early in the year, when it became clear there were significant difficulties ahead, it was members in their kindness who shared hope and gave each other confidence. Mothers’ Union as a movement pulled together in late spring to support the Urgent Appeal, raising almost one million pounds overall.

The movement also showed faith in action as members worked tirelessly to produce countless items of PPE for front line workers and community members. These efforts made a difference in holding up the spread of the COVID-19. These efforts saved lives.

All around the world proud Mother’s Union members, took action. This action helped prevent the transmission of the virus. It allowed hope and ushered in much needed confidence. From Papua New Guinea to Canada, from Argentina to Ireland, Mothers’ Union has been leading communities and uplifting people the world over.

Looking Forward

As we look to what 2021 will bring, we consider the need to take stock and rebuild hope and confidence.

In a world blighted by loss of all kinds, the good work of the Lord will be vital. There have been bereavements. There have been the loss of livelihoods. There have been far reaching break downs in relationships. There have been areas around the globe where progress has stagnated or gone backwards.

The coming year

In this wider context, we as Mothers’ Union can not afford to stand still, we must keep well and carry on. And we know our members will. The team at Mary Sumner House are proud to serve such a motivated, devoted, passionate and faithful membership. It is a privilege to work in the service of such a cause.

In 2021 we will rebuild, and we will grow, and we will thrive. Mothers' Union will continue to carry out our essential work in God’s name.