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Meet our Ride London Cyclists!

We have four fantastic fundraisers participating in the 2019 Ride London Surrey 100 to raise money for Mothers’ Union all of whom have different connections to our organisation

17 Jul 2019

Caroline Kneen is a Mothers’ Union member who is originally from Dublin in Ireland but moved to the Isle of Man nearly 15 years ago to be with her husband, Mark. They have two beautiful children, Milo and Callie. Caroline is a member of St Thomas' Mother's Union, in the diocese of Sodor and Mann where she recently became a Trustee and co-ordinator of the Mothers’ Union prison project on the Isle of Man. Caroline decided she would love to take up the challenge of completing the Ride London Surrey 100 cycle, raising money for Mother's Union and all the fantastic work that they are doing, both locally and worldwide. Caroline has already held a coffee morning and raffle to help with her fundraising.

If you would like to help Caroline with her fundraising please donate here



Steve Venn
’s wife is the Branch Leader of All Saints’ Church Mothers’ Union branch in Denmead, Hampshire. Steve agrees with the aims and ethos of Mothers’ Union and so welcomed the opportunity to help raise funds for our worthwhile projects and activities. Steve is a keen cyclist and regularly rides 20-30 miles, occasionally riding as far as 70 miles but never as far as 100! Ride London Surrey 100 is the longest cycling challenge Steve has ever done and he will be 66 by the time race day comes around. Therefore, Steve saw this as a good challenge and chance to fundraise for Mothers’ Union.

You can support Steve with his fundraising here



Gary Johnstone is friends with David Baronti, Publications Administrator for Mothers’ Union. Gary is an award-winning television director who has filmed all over the world, working with families in the slums of Sao Paolo, Bangkok, Cape Town and Mumbai. Late last year Gary was in the Peruvian desert filming with Ben Fogle for New Lives in the Wild and most recently he has just finished making ‘Jesus – His Story’ for the History Channel. Having seen first-hand the effects of unfettered globalised trade on the majority of the humans of this planet Gary is proud to be raising money for Mothers’ Union as it is an organisation that works at grassroot level to effect real change.

If you would like to help Gary with his fundraising please donate here  



Folajaye (Jay) Oyeneyin’s mother-in-law is a member of Mother’s Union and this is how he came to hear about our work. Fola had paid for his own place in Ride London and was so inspired that he decided wanted to raise money for Mothers’ Union, an organisation that shares his Christian faith and wants to benefit others that are in need.

You can support Folajaye with his fundraising here