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Metamorphosis Course Update

26 members from 7 dioceses across England have just completed our brand new 16 week Metamorphosis course

12 Jul 2021

Metamorphosis is our process to build confidence and skills to engage with our local communities and we have created a new 8 module ‘pandemic proof’ course which combines personal study, discussion in small groups and live sessions on zoom to bring each module to a close.


Engaging creatively in bible study and prayer are at the heart of the process, and we also share practical tools, ideas and case studies to bring inspiration. The 8 module journey starts with listening to God, ourselves and others and moves on to look at vision, celebrating our resources, Jesus’s heart for compassion, building relationships, understanding our communities, stepping out in faith, reflecting and learning from change and finally engaging our God given creativity as we serve our communities.


Over the course, we had a lot of fun getting to know each other, sharing new insights and encouragement and developing confidence in using some simple and practical tools.


56% of participants stated that they have taken new actions and the rest are planning to do so within their branches, churches and communities in the coming weeks. Others committed to “reach out more positively,” and to “use my listening skills to build relationships that facilitate partnerships.”


All participants who took part in our feedback poll said they would recommend metamorphosis to others, that they had enjoyed it and learnt new things including the importance of “listening to what the community wants, not what we think the community wants,” “developing belief in myself,” “thinking outside the box with the Bible,” and “getting re-energised to keep going with the help of a new network.”


If you are interested in participating in a future course, please contact