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Mother’s Union helps bring the UK Together

COVID-19 has brought us closer together as a country and in our communities, but more work is needed to unite the nation, a report published today by the Together coalition has found.

01 Mar 2021

Mothers’ Union is part of the Together coalition, which published the findings of a survey of 150,000 people about what unites and divides the UK.

Together is made up of faith and civil society, local government, businesses and universities. Together’s mission is to find out what unites and divides us as a country, and look at ways to bring us closer.

Together and partners, who include the NHS, the Scouts, Price Waterhouse Cooper and grassroots local and regional organisations, as well as Mothers’ Union, gathered their information from a number of surveys, online discussions and research.

The report’s main findings were that COVID-19 has brought the UK closer at a national and local level, but some groups, especially regionally, were excluded. Economic inequality, generational divides, social isolation, digital exclusion and some hostility or indifference to public health guidance were all mentioned as concerns.

Social media, more people working from home, divisions between the four nations of the UK and race, faith and identity issues, evidenced by the higher death rate from COVID-19 among the BAME community, were also cited as working against cohesion. The surveys found as the pandemic continued, political trust dropped.

Seventy three per cent of people surveyed said that they would like society to be closer and more connected, but a third of people (34%) thought that COVID-19 will not ultimately change the way we interact.

The report highlights 10 actions to bring the UK closer, including supporting volunteering, national and local leaders prioritising social connection, and increasing participation in sports, cultural and environmental activities.

Link to full report: