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Mothers’ Union Commissions new Central Chaplain, Bishop Emma Ineson

Yesterday evening (20th November) in the Chapel at Mary Sumner House, Sheran Harper led the Commissioning Service for Mothers’ Union’s new Central Chaplain, Bishop Emma Ineson.

21 Nov 2019

The intimate Service of Thanksgiving was attended by the global Board of Trustees and members of staff, who watched as Bishop Emma affirmed her commitment to her role and to the movement whilst receiving the Mothers’ Union stole. 

Speaking briefly after the Commissioning, Bishop Emma shared how she was thankful for three key things; “firstly for the opportunity to serve in the role, as it is a great honour and a blessing. Secondly, I am thankful for all the staff and trustees gathered here today, I am thankful for the work that you do and how you support your members and their ministry around the world. Finally, I want to thank God for all that he is, all that he has called us to be, that he has saved us and each of our names are written on his heart. I am thankful for all we have ahead of us in the coming years”.

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