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Mothers' Union respond to COVID-19 in DRC

Marthe Vira, Mothers’ Union Provincial President in the Democratic Republic of Congo, shared with us how The Church and MU are responding to COVID-19.

21 Apr 2020

As a global organisation, Mothers’ Union members around the world are reacting to the pandemic in different ways as each country’s timeline and responses are different – we are all on our unique boats, sailing in the same sea.
In Kinshasa, DRC, before COVID-19 had reached the country, Marthe and Bishop Achille Mushindo held a meeting to encourage church leaders to engage in fighting COVID-19 in the area. They focused the meeting around the scriptures to emphasise responding with compassion and love, whilst highlighting the importance of ensuring that proper hygiene practices are followed and gave practical advice on how to do this. 

Marthe, a nurse herself, presented on the evolution of the pandemic at a global and national level, its origin, the routes of contamination, the diagnosis, prevention measures as well as treatment of the disease. The presentation was followed by a series of questions and answers. Marthe then led a demonstration on how protective masks could be made in homes using basic materials. Everyone at the meeting were then able to make their own masks! Marthe then finished the session with a session on “how to wash your hands effectively”. By presenting this to Church leaders they themselves were able to go into their own parishes and communities to share the knowledge and advice. 

Never one to rest on her laurels, Marthe and other Mothers’ Union members have been providing demonstrations of how to wash hands properly and make homemade masks to the general public by setting up makeshift stands on streets – they have even created songs to help with this teaching. 

By mobilising The Church and it’s leaders as well as their communities back in March, Mothers’ Union hoped that as the pandemic reached them, they were more prepared with facts and advice to support their communities tackle the virus in the most effective way possible. 

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