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Mothers' Union Worldwide Council 2019 Key Messages

At the beginning of June 2019, Mothers’ Union leaders from 30 countries across the world met to reaffirm the essence of who Mothers’ Union is and what we do. As a collective membership, they agreed the impact and change they wish to make across the world in the years leading up to the 150th anniversary of our movement in 2026. 

19 Jun 2019

To shape the way forward, they had listened to the voices of over 200,000 members worldwide over two years, in a process known as Mothers’ Union Listens, Observes and Acts (MULOA).

Key decisions reached:

Our identity: 

Mothers’ Union is a global, women led, volunteer movement. United in our diversity and living out our faith, we support individuals and families to transform their lives. Embedded in the Church and community, we have unprecedented reach that gives a voice to the stigmatized and vulnerable around the world.

The overall global changes we aspire to make are in the areas of

  • Gender justice
  • Peace and safety
  • Self-reliance 
  • Restored relationships with God, each other, the environment and the stigmatised.

A shortlist of seven areas was developed – from which three key strategic priorities will be formed for programme, policy and advocacy work – after looking further at the data from MULOA and the week’s discussions these are:

  1. Stable livelihoods
  2. Reconciliation and conflict resolution
  3. Strengthening women and girls’ voices to influence change
  4. Literacy and education
  5. Positive gender roles
  6. Gender based violence
  7. The environment.

The values which determine how we work are:  being non-judgmental, loving and compassionate, persevering and bold.

Our approach to working in all our communities is first to listen and observe, then to mobilise our own and surrounding resources. We will work to equip those around us to meet the challenges they face, and where appropriate seek to partner with others enabling us to reach more people, more effectively.

In all we do we are committed to operating in line with good financial management, governance and monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Creating safe spaces for the vulnerable is a key part of what we do, so we commit to a collective policy on safeguarding, and developing and implementing contextually appropriate procedures consistent with this policy and in line with the guidelines of the Anglican Church.

Mothers’ Union is an interconnected, global movement, sharing with, and supporting one another to achieve our common goals. We recognise the need for a central charity to support and coordinate this work and agree to contribute towards the associated costs.

The central charity staff team will now use the principles above to create a detailed strategic plan.

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