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New mum gets more than she asked for at Christmas

New mum gets much more than she asked or imagined - from Mothers’ Union!

08 Dec 2021

When a young mum needed a pram for her new-born, the Mothers’ Union trustees of Armagh Diocese, in Northern Ireland, generously provided her with not just a pram, but bed sheets, a cot, a stroller, a high-chair and a car seat! The young mum, who used to be in foster care, described everything she received as a ‘true blessing for my little one’.   

The ‘true blessing’ came about thanks to her former foster carer,  a volunteer at Armagh Child Contact Centre, who got in touch with Sophia Dillon, Armagh’s Mothers' Union president. Sophia then put a message out to the organisation's trustees. ‘Within a week they came back with a cot, bed sheets, a stroller – everything, but a pram. 

‘Then we got a pram from a charity shop, just over a week after I contacted the trustees, through a girl at the shop, who knows Mothers’ Union.  It was a second hand pram in very good condition,’ recalls Sophia.  

Now mother and baby are making the most of these precious gifts received because of the kind-hearted trustees at Mothers’ Union and a thoughtful charity shop worker.