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Soup on Sunday- Rochester Diocese

Soup on Sunday with a difference in Rochester!

Coxheath Area Branch was asked by a member if we could do something for 'singles' on Sunday.

14 Jul 2020

She had been recently bereaved. So began our 'Soup on Sunday'. Members and their friends, who were on their own, were invited to stay after our Sunday Service, (in church as we have no hall) meeting with others to enjoy a bowl of soup. This proved to be popular and has become a bi monthly occasion since 2013. It has become an outreach event with members of the congregation, and from the community joining Mothers' Union members to enjoy soup and fellowship. We do not charge for the soup but money is donated and we have been able to support various projects, locally, nationally and globally from these donations. Our average attendance is 25,  in 2019 we served 163 people, offering a variety of homemade soups with £312 given in donations. Some folk are now coming to church regularly and some have become  Mothers' Union members.

However because of the Coronavirus Pandemic we have not been able to meet together. Undeterred we decided, in May,  that we would send out 'cup a soup' packets to those who would normally attend, along with a Thinking of You card from Mothers' Union Resources for Challenging times. These were well received, with an appreciation for our kind thoughts. This month, July, we have decided to outreach further, to members of congregations, and a total of 50+ packets with a card or letter have been delivered.

Coxheath Area Branch

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