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Supporting fathers in prison

Supporting fathers serving prison sentences and their families

18 Jun 2023

Mothers’ Union works in a number of prisons in a variety of ways - knitting hats for the prisoners, supporting families and running crèches.

During Covid, the visits to prisons had to cease completely due to lockdown both for MU members and visitors, which was a struggle for family relationships. Once visits were permitted again, physical contact was still not allowed due to social distancing, which was a continued strain on the prisoners and their families. Children were not able to hug or have physical touch with their parent in prison.

Mothers' Union Diocese of Worcester shared how they support fathers in prison in various ways. ‘Baby Bags’ are provided for the prisoners who are expecting a baby. The dad’s then have something to give their new babies when they are visited and it gives them the best positive start as a new father. The bag may consist of items such as a knitted cardigan, booties, blanket and toiletries for both baby and the mum. Mothers’ Union also provides something for the new dad to give to their partner separately to encourage loving relationships.

Mothers’ Union Diocese of Worcester also supports during larger Family Days. For the May half term Family Day at HMP Hewell there was a Teddy Bears picnic theme which incorporated the celebration of the Coronation of King Charles III. To mark this special occasion Mothers’ Union was asked for Teddies complete with crowns to give out to the children of prisoners. The teddies are also crafted to give to children visiting the prison day to day - ‘it is lovely now to see the Teddies flying out and so much appreciated by our visitors’

This Father's Day, we wish to thank all our members who are doing such valuable work for fathers serving their sentences in prison.