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Transformation now

Transformation Now: Our Vision for 2022.

Read about Mothers' Union plans for transformation in 2022.

04 Jan 2022

As we approach the start of a new triennium at Mothers' Union and look towards the future with fresh vision, our goal for 2022 is Transformation - now!

Our members have shown such incredible resilience, responsiveness and adaptability throughout the global pandemic. As an organisation, the pandemic forced us to change the ways we work and support those who benefit from our services.

Now is the time to:

  • Transform ourselves, personally and spiritually, to live out our faith.
  • Transform the churches and communities we work with and of which we are a part, to reflect Christ's kingdom.
  • Transform Mothers' Union to be relevant for 21st century life.


You can find out more about our 2022 Theme: Transformation Now here, including theme resources, prayers, reflections and activities for groups and dioceses.