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Two Mothers’ Union members are raising funds for the Carlisle Bishop’s Harvest Appeal by cycling to every MU branch in Cumbria

Deb Lee and Daphne Sisson are MU members from the diocese of Carlisle who started their journey in June of this year. They decided to cycle to every MU branch in Cumbria, that includes 1 Cathedral, 3 Priories and 48 churches, to raise funds for the Carlisle Bishop’s Harvest Appeal.

19 Aug 2022

The Harvest Appeal appeal, according to the website of the Diocese of Carlisle, will support the ongoing work in Democratic Republic of Congo, Isreal and occupied Palestinian territories. DRC is one of the poorest countries in the world. Climate change has affected the country badly, even though they barely contributed to it. Women and girls often suffer disproportionately as a result of illiteracy and cultural stigmas. Mothers’ Union has been working with local communities in DRC through our literacy and financial, and agricultural programmes to help people escape poverty and become more self-reliant.

When Deb and Daphne started receiving donations, this is what one of the project coordinators from DRC had to say, “We thank God for your people from Carlisle Diocese who have supported us to implement the literacy and agriculture project. It will help many marginalised and disadvantaged men and women”.

They have been posting updates about their journey here:, where you can also make a donation to their fundraiser. On 17th August, Deb posted this update: “After all the sun, it seems amazing that we got SO wet on the way to Cartmel! Thank you for your generosity as well as the amazing over £2,000 on the just giving page we have £255 in cheques to go directly to BHA! This will enable women to become leaders and change makers in their communities reducing poverty, hunger and abuse. THANK YOU! both from Deb and Daphne but also from the communities in DRC benefiting from the literacy and agricultural circles and those in Palestine being enables by Christian Aid THANK YOU!