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UK Government Response to Domestic Abuse Consultation and Draft Domestic Abuse Bill Published Today

The UK Government has today published its response to its Domestic Abuse Consultation along with a draft Domestic Abuse Bill.

21 Jan 2019

Mothers’ Union welcomes the Government’s commitment to addressing Domestic Abuse as a priority and a number of areas of progress through what has been published today. These include provisions to prevent perpetrators of domestic and other forms of abuse from cross-examining their victims in person in the family courts, and the acknowledgement of economic abuse as a form of domestic violence. We are also heavily in support of the inclusion of the measures needed to enable the UK to ratify the Istanbul Convention, enabling important protections provided by this treaty.

However, we remain concerned about a number of areas. Among them, Mothers’ Union believes that more needs to be done to prevent Domestic Abuse in the first place. Although the Government has said that prevention is a key part of what is seeks to address, we maintain that prevention requires significant further attention. 

Mothers’ Union is closely reviewing the papers published today. We will be working alongside Mothers’ Union members, Ministers, and other key stakeholders to help ensure that we use this opportunity to drive forward real and lasting prevention of domestic abuse in the UK, as well as vital support for survivors of Domestic Abuse.


Read the published response and draft bill here