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Winchester Diocese October Newsletter 2020

I hope you are all keeping well and safe. 

01 Oct 2020

You can access our e-newsletter for October here

Sadly we will not be able to hold our Information Day in Chandler's Ford in November, but we will be holding an event online via Zoom on Friday 6th November.  Details on how to join this will be sent out with the November e-newsletter, or you can contact me directly for details.

During October we think particularly for those in prisons - Prisons Week runs from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th October and is followed by Anti-Slavery Day on 18th October.  The theme for Prisons Week this year is "United in Lockdown" and you can find the poster for Prisons Week here together with their prayers.  I'm pleased to say that the Visitors Centre at Winchester Prison is now open again, and we are hoping to buy Christmas presents for prisoner's children again this year.  Helen Pain has written a prayer for Anti-Slavery Day which is included in the e-newsletter. 

Monthly Prayers
As usual, our monthly prayers will be uploaded to Facebook on the first Wednesday of the month - ie Wednesday 7th October.  This month Hedge End branch have prepared the prayers, and some of them are included below.

Dear Lord…
We pray for those who are prisoners. Through reflection and understanding, may they be able to go beyond their sentence and see hope for a future without crime. We ask that you comfort them in their isolation and support them with Your love.

We pray for families of prisoners: We ask that they receive care and comfort and have their needs met. We ask that you will help them keep hope alive and sustain them in the separation from their loved ones.We pray for those who serve a hidden sentence as a result of the shame associated with having a family member imprisoned and pray You will give them the strength and courage to deal with unfair judgement and stigmatising by others.

We pray for those who work in the criminal justice system: May they continue to go beyond in their work towards creating a safer society and promote justice and mercy on the road to rehabilitation.

We pray for the victims of crime: May they be supported to go beyond their victimhood and find comfort in God’s love. Lead them and heal them in their journey to new life and hope.  Teach us to be mindful of the impact of our actions on others.

We pray for those who have suffered and are still suffering from another form of imprisonment during the Covid-19 lockdown. We pray that you will comfort and sustain them as they face continued isolation and separation from their loved ones.

And now in the stillness of our hearts let us remember those known to us who need our prayers …….…

O Lord, our loving God, we ask you to keep us and those for whom we have prayed, close to yourself, that we may find in Your love our strength and peace.

With all best wishes,

Sue Murphy

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